With the strongly developing of technology, such as social networks, Ecommerce business, ... Shopping online is becoming popular and can be a great experience. You can stay at home and quickly buy good products by yourself without going out. You can also compare between different products to choose the best you want. This requires your website to have an excellent design for checkout process. Below are 9 useful tips to help you make that.

1. Providing shoppers if the product is available

You have to be clear about the availability of the products and providing for your customers about the stock levels. You display stock levels on product pages or show them right on the search results page. 

9 ways for building a good checkout process

2. Do not require registration to store

Remember that the registration is done during the checkout process and not before. Your shoppers are here to shop, not fill out forms. Create an account is barriers in checkout process because they take effort and time to fill in.

To increasing the chance of your visitor becoming paying shoppers, you should move the barriers further down the line. If they are placed right at the beginning, your shoppers might walk away. It is similar opening the door of your store for your shoppers to come in.

3. Providing photos, specifications, links for the items in the cart

Beside item titles, make sure that you need to add photos and product specifications (color, size,..) for each product. This helps your customers to quickly scan over the basket. For example, you can look at the image that is in magento one page checkout site below:

9 ways for building a good checkout process

Moreover, you should link these products to their product pages if the customers want to verify that it is indeed the right item.

4. Allowing your shoppers to easily modify the order

Making the order easy to modify during the checkout process will help your shoppers be more convenient in adding or removing the items. 

9 ways for building a good checkout process

You should provide a "remove" link to delete an item from the cart and ensure order modification is easy and quick.

5. Keeping the "Back" button

This button is one of the most used in a web browser, so the customers are going to use it during the checkout process on your website. Disabling this functionality through automatic redirects or error messages makes the users confuse and negatively effect their experience.

In addition, you should also save the user's data so that it is displayed again. It allows customers to carry on without having to refill the whole form.

6. Providing users with real time support

In checkout process, users often have doubts about products parameters, so they want to contact you to have more clear information about the items. You should provide users professional, personal assistance instead of sending them to FAQ pages that might not have the solution to user's problems.

9 ways for building a good checkout process

As a results, adding a chat or telephone assistance for the checkout process are good ideas. Not every company can do that, but big companies can consider this option.

7. Keeping the simple checkout interface

Eliminating unnecessary elements, such as top products, latest products, product category links,... to keep the interface be simple. These elements are redundant here and will distract your customers from the task at hand.

In case, the users wants to go back and buy something else, so you need to provide a "continue to shopping" link.

8. Providing the users about delivery times

You have to wait to get your products. This is one disadvantage in shopping online. Let's tell your customers when they can receive their stuffs. 

9 ways for building a good checkout process

This is very necessary, because your customers need to arrange everything (work, time, location) to receive the delivery. Make sure that receiving your products is early as possible.

9. Telling your customers what happens next

When your customers have completed the order and clicked the last button (ex: Process to Checkout) so what happens next? Finishing the order with a "Thank you for your order" note. This is polite for your customers and they also want this.

9 ways for building a good checkout process

Let's inform your customers that they will receive a confirm email when the products are shipped.

Designing a good check process is very important. It eliminates distractions to help the customers focus on the task at hand and provides all the necessary information for the customers to understand all stages of the process.