It  is also known as Magento checkout extension - Magento one page checkout improving the checkout step for your store. The customers enter personal information, shipping methods, payment methods in a single page and complete the purchase in a few seconds. Reduces the checkout time for your customers increasing your sales conversion rate.

A smooth off-canvas checkout app that allow customer to instant complete their purchase on every page, any device, no waiting, no redirect.

You can take a look at the video to have an overview about fancy checkout magento.

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Magento off-canvas checkout extension that allow customer to direct purchase order quickly and flexible on any page, 100% responsive design.

How does it works? Trust me! it is fastest checkout Magento module.

Ajax: Its used progressive enhancement to "AJAX" the cart information across pages.

Off-canvas Layout: The off-canvas flyouts to hold all of the cart's information and checkout on same place, we define it a 'BOX', not a 'page'.  

What do you know about Fancy Checkout Magento?

Cart + Checkout in box: Customer can do with a regular cart — update quantities, add coupon codes and they can immediately begin to check out.

One click + No reload: Checkout any time, from any page they are on, no reload, no waiting their time.

What do you know about Fancy Checkout Magento?


Responsive Mobile Checkout: Allow your customer checkout on any device with responsive layout, quick and easy.

Ajax Add To Cart: Add item to cart without load page, same like any ajax add to cart Magento modules, save time, save money.

Flexible: it is modern design style, you can easy custom, change color, background or layout of the design.

Two Layout Options: Off-canvas Layout or One Step / Page Checkout layout, you have two options, both are responsive.

Mobile Off Canvas Mini Cart: Allow user to quickly check what they have in their carts on their devices ( mobile, tablet, iphone, ipad ). Optimized for easy checkout on mobile devices.

Auto Update: Auto-update selected later steps when there are any changes ( billing/Shipping Address is changed , shipping/payment method , Products on Cart is changed ).

Customer can do with a regular cart: Update quantities, remove products, add coupon codes and they can immediately begin to check out.

Quickly Survey Customers: Admin can add a question such as "How did you hear about us?" or "What do you like about us?" and provide answer options. It's a perfect way to collect customers' opinions.

Delivery date and time: Allow Customers to choose delivery date and time

Gift messages: Allow add gift messages and comments to orders.

Sign up for newsletters: Choose to sign up for newsletters. Admin is able to set checkbox for newsletter subscription checked by default

Terms & Conditions: Customers may have to check the box "Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions" before placing orders. Admin can edit content of Terms and Conditions popup in backend.

You can take a quick look to see how it work. Please check the livedemo for more really details.
( Off-canvas Layout, One Step Checkout, One Page Checkout layout )

What do you know about Fancy Checkout Magento?

What do you know about Fancy Checkout Magento?

What do you know about Fancy Checkout Magento?

What do you know about Fancy Checkout Magento?


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