When speaking for Ecommerce sites, one of the most concerns is the checkout process. Your website should give the shortest line for customers to checkout. This will help your online store increase many times your sales.

If your website uses Fancy Checkout process, you will realize the significance in optimizing the process for your shoppers. Our checkout process requires shoppers to complete information on off-canvas layout or one page layout, then shoppers look for shorter lines to checkout their cart.

Benefits of Fancy Checkout

Off-canvas layout

Benefits of Fancy Checkout

One page layout

Now, take a look at Fancy Checkout features and seeing the benefits that can help increase your sales.

Fast checkout (by using fewer clicks)

Fast checkout! this will be a preferential choice for online stores when shoppers go to stores and want to finish their shopping. A long-waiting makes them be frustrated. So, if your website do not using checkout process, this equivalent to decrease your sales.

Looking at the fancy checkout vs. the default Magento checkout, you can easily see that customers are able to quickly navigate the process.

Checkout in box (reducing 6 steps ->1 step)

The default Magento checkout process has six steps that customers must do in order to complete the transaction. The off-canvas layout hold all of the cart's information and checkout on same place, defining it a "BOX", not a "page".

As mentioned earlier, by using fancy checkout, your customer can reduce from six steps to one step checkout only to complete their transaction. Moreover, your customers can checkout anytime, from any page and there are no reloading, no waiting. Those are outstanding features bringing by fancy checkout.

Let's install magento one page checkout to increase sales for your store!