Fancy Checkout is also known as Magento checkout extension - Magento one page checkout developed by Magebay. Here are some reviews published on our module -by a third party review system to avoid spam and other problems.


Fancy Checkout's Reviews on Magento Connect and Magebay


Reviews on Magento Connect

PDCanvas (October 5, 2014)

Cool UX! I hope this module will be popular soon, I have received many good feedback from clients since I installed this module on my site.
Really cool idea, cool UX!

Good luck with sale!!!

Milanishop (December 23, 2014)

Fantastic! Hi, Magebay is a support awesome team.
There was some things that were needed to be adjusted, and magebay did so great.
David, was awesome, and now I have a awesome checkout.
After that, hired the development hours that they do on magento for another things, and they were great.
Thanks for all :)

EKVICON (December 24, 2014)

Perfect! I have bought more extensions from different developers. I have experienced the best developer support from the developers of Fancy Checkout Extension.
I recommend this extension and developer team without any doubt.

crystallove  (January 27, 2015)

The Nice One! I like the way this extension do in checkout step, including 1 step check out and off-canvas. I bought it. They installed it on my site then got some conflict with another. Their support helped us to resolved conflict problem.
Thanks magebay support!

calamity999 (March 16, 2015)

A great new way shopping cart concept. I was looking for something new to replace the standard magento cart and was very excited to find this new cart concept. The instant feedback customers get when they add something to the cart, particularly when they are on the catalog page, is invaluable and the checkout process itself is simple and looks great. I had a few problems getting it to work at first and needed a couple of modifications but the developers worked with me and got everything going perfectly with relatively little hassle. I would highly recommend this product.

Reviews on Magebay (magento extension)

matthew (11/03/14)

Cool extension really worth using! Purchased this extension and was really happy with it. 
Keep up the good work!

Leo (11/04/14)

Best Customer Support! I have some problems and Customer Support help me immediately after I sent my mail to them. They could help me out even my problem was not related to their product! Great job guys, thanks again! Cheers, Leo

Rantouzr (02/03/15)


Really helpful! Ppurchased this extension. It works well as described. The tech support did an excellent work to setup this plugin within 24 hours from my request. My site now looks more professional and more user friendly for express checkout. 
Fully recommended!

D. T. (01/12/15)

so Great! I'm so happy with FC. After I installed this extension, our conversion went up. Our customer was very pleased how fastly it's to get through the cart. The FC has a lot of configuration options that have great support for our store. 
Magebay's support team is so great!

overrowth (01/20/15)

I have tried some checkout modules, and this one is the best checkout module worked as I expected. It works perfectly after installation, I'm very pleased. 
The support form Magebay is so great, fast, professional. 
Fully recommendation!

Markeet  (01/21/15)

Very satisfied, much better than Magento default! This extension is much better than Magento default. It also includes some additional features. We also can easily change the default text to our need. 
The developers seem to be honest, professional when solving problems. Very satisfied!

Martin2 (02/07/15)

Great product and great support! I just installed this extension on my store, it works fine. Many thanks to Magebay team for such great product! 
I want to hide some "required" fields (company, postcode, state), and they help me solve quickly, such great support. 
Thanks again!

Elisa D. (02/07/15)

Amazing extension! This is the best checkout extension checkout I could find. Very simple to setup, does exactly as expected. I had 2 issues integrating it with my custom theme and the developer provided excellent support fixing the issues quickly. 
Totally recommended this module and support team. 

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