With the developing of ecommerce, designing usable shopping carts becomes more important. When users want to buy items, they want the process to be easy and quick, without hassles. Below are tips to help you design usable ecommerce checkouts and shopping carts.

1. Full page and mini carts

Shopping carts often contain 2 forms: a full page cart and mini shopping cart.

- Full page cart: Providing more information and more options than a mini shopping cart. For example, information includes product details, tax prices, remove or edit items... You can look at the shopping cart of magento one page checkout below.

How to Design Excellent Shopping Carts and Checkout Process

- Mini shopping cart: Showing information in a small area that does not take away from the rest of the layout. When clicking a product, it is immediately shown in the mini shopping cart. After you continue shopping, there is a link from the mini shopping cart to view the full page cart.

How to design excellent shopping carts and checkout process

2. Making checkout or add to cart buttons obvious

Designing an ecommerce checkout and shopping cart is important to guide the users through checkout process. It should be large obvious buttons that are clearly legible and understandable text (Add to Cart, Continue to Checkout).

How to design excellent shopping carts and checkout process

3. Using a readable table based layout

To design a full shopping cart, it is the best to use a table based structure. You should use standard fonts and avoid using complex backgrounds.

How to design excellent shopping carts and checkout process

You look at a very clear cart above. The table includes all necessary elements and is readable easily. Moreover, the image of the product is important. It gives the shoppers a good visual of what they are purchasing.

4. "Continue shopping" link

"Continue shopping" link will help the shoppers back to the store and catalog. It is often under the table of the shopping cart, where shoppers can easily find it. Below are the "Continue Shopping" and "Go to Checkout" link.

How to design excellent shopping carts and checkout process

5. Providing help elements

There are some help elements  in the checkout process and shopping cart.

In the shopping cart: Using quick tips for the cart's features or using tooltips for labels in the cart.

On the checkout page: Using sample text for input fields, such as billing information.

How to design excellent shopping carts and checkout process

6. A verify page

This is the most important feature of any checkout process. After finishing your checkout process, there is always a verify page as a final step. Generally, the shoppers would like to confirm that they are purchasing the correct items. That is a last chance for the shoppers to review their order before payment process.

After following the post, do you think that, which tips are the most important? Please share your comment below. Many thanks!