When mentioning this issue, the question is always asked: How do you get shoppers to buy from my store? With small retailers, this can be a challenge in turning an online store into a successful sales channel. Moreover, turning visitors into buying customers also can be a challenge. This will be very difficult for small retailers who don't have the financial resource to do that.

In this article, we will show you a basic list to improve your online store by increasing online sales and customer conversion rate.

1. Display top selling products on Home Page

How to get more online sales with conversion tips

Home Page is the place visited landing page of your online store. With an Ecommerce online business, it means that show your top selling products on your Home Page. This gives new users an immediate clue as to what you sell.

Your top selling products attract customers' interest by sharing similar preferences to other customers through advertising your best sellers.

2. Show discounted products clearly


According to e-tailing survey shown that 62% of customers identified sale as important when shopping from online stores. These are your encouragement for your customers to choose your stores, because most of them also want to find products cheaper.

The good place to show your highlight sales products is on your Home page and Main category pages. These are the main pages customers view a lot. They will encourage customers to take a look at individual item pages.

3. Show high quality product images

Showing your high quality product images will reflect the quality of your items by customers. Make sure that your products have high quality photos. Most ecommerce platforms incorporate  JQuery functionality to give your shoppers the ability to zoom in on the parts of the image to know more details clearly. This way will improve the shopping experience for your store with customers.

4. Direct attention to your product description

You should write an attracting product description which is the key to communicate in a product description. This will help inform your customers' buying decision. On the other hand, it is the benefit in helping search engines index your product catalogue.

5. Encourage customers to leave reviews

This is one of the best effective way to enhance customers' trust. With the big companies such as eBay or Amazon, encouraging users reviews is a good approach, even these reviews do not provide 100% rating can influence customers positively. Providing reviews will be a chance to evaluate feedback and show customers' opinion. Here are the reviews of magento one page checkout.


Generally speaking, there are many factors  affect reviewing reasons why sales from your online store may be increase quickly or slowly. Thus, you should spend time to develop your stores be professional which successfully sell online.