As you known, checkout is the final step for customers shopping on your website and the business owners also want their customers to take it. So, making it as easy as possible for your shopper to pay is necessary for increasing your sales. To get better, you should have full control over the entire checkout process and providing fully experience for your shopper to complete their purchase. Here are tips that will help you do this:

1. Allowing payments without requiring an account

With the first-customers, creating an account to sign in is just too intrusive and it is a major conversion killer.

According to the research by Smashing Magazine found that the main reason users hate setting up an account is they expect to be flooded with promotional emails. And another handicap is that it adds more fields for people to enter the information and prolongs the payment process.

To make everything easier for your customer and ensure you get paid, following Apple's lead and let them check out as a guest.

You will take a look in the screenshot below, Apple gives shoppers the option to sign up the end of the checkout process instead of forcing them to hand over their data at the beginning.

How to get online shoppers easily through checkout process

2. Providing a number of payment methods

Did you encounter websites that offer only one payment method? It makes you be confuse?  Right, there are many website only using one payment method. However, according to survey data in infographic from Milo show that 56% of suggestions expect a variety of payment options on the checkout page. You should take a look at your target customers to see which payment methods they use.

Then, you will able to capture the majority of shopper visiting your website. A good combination would be to allow direct bank transfers and payments from major credit cards. It depends on who you are catering to.

3. Do not redirect people

This is the main handicap of using a service like PayPal that redirects users away from your website to a checkout page. You worked so hard to get customers to your website, so you should pay attention for this.

Checking out and paying will be the last step shoppers do, which is why you want your business's name to be the last thing on their minds.

4. Keeping distractions to a minimum

Your checkout page is the final step and the end of the sales cycle, so you should not distract customers in completing the checkout process. It means, in any case, you should put up any advertisements.

Making the final payment of shoppers is the best objective for your store.

5. Providing reassurances on security and privacy

According to a survey by eConsultancy shown that 58% of people dropped out of the checkout page due to relate about payment security. When personal information is involved, it always go out your way to showcase the security measures you have in place.

To building the trust for customers, providing a consistent design and not redirecting users to a third party checkout page are very important steps. In addition, you need to do more to protect their data from the hands of hackers.

To providing a secure connection and encrypt credit card information, you need to have a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for your website. Moreover, your website needs to comply the standards of the PCI SSC (Security Standards Council). PCI is forced by payment card companies.

Just like MindMeister seeing screenshot. Make sure that, to display your security credentials with SSL and PCI badges.

How to get online shoppers easily through checkout process

6. Asking for essential information only

You have to limit the amount of information that is necessary for your requesting. That's a mistake by using a form with information that is not necessary for making a purchase.

A research published by Forrester shown that 11% of US people skipped an online purchase because they did not want to register or asking for too much info.

If you need to enter the extra info, be sure to include an explanation for why it's required.

7. Making errors easy to fix

There are several checkout pages that error notifications display at the top of the page. This make users do not find out what went wrong. So, you need make an error message to appear in the field in which it occurred. Saving the info when users submit is also good tip.

Below is example. The message in red explaining the reason for the error

How to get online shoppers easily through checkout process

8. Having clear calls to action

When users add an item to their cart, you need to make it clear such as, "Add to Cart" "Continue Shopping", "Proceed to Checkout". Specifically, you can see them on magento one page checkout site.

Do not leave customers thinking what to do next. Fox example: "Apply", "Continue", "Checkout", ... 

These are useful tips to increase sales for your website. Hope that you will have enjoyable experience after following this post.