Increase conversion rate by enabling guest checkout

Does guest checkout sound really important? You can look at some reasons below to know "why".

1. Saving time

Perhaps, this is the most important reason to attract customers who would prefer a guest checkout. Because it creates value for the customers and clearly saves time. If they registered before, the process will become more convenient next times (registration, shipping and billing address would be automatically entered). User who knows the value of saving time would be like as a guest checkout process. Providers understand this, so they will find any way to make it lucrative for themselves by free coupons or offering discounts.

2. Decreasing the loading time

Increase conversion rate by enabling guest checkout

According to a research by Amazon shown that if the loading time of the website increased by one extra second with the product pages, their annual sales amounting would have lost about $1.6 billion. Thus, the guest checkout process is very important when users are read to purchase. Your users prefer numerous other options available online by providing faster loading time.

3. Giving users a feeling of safety

In the checkout process, the customers have to complete three step to purchase. The first step is that users login by their email address and the password was created before. Secondly, users can checkout without registration. Finally, users would register and checkout.

Through the registration and checkout, the owners can assimilate substantial information about the customers to improve their online business. Nevertheless,  it would be easy to find customer lists when they provide offering something special, such as discounts or coupons code. Generally, this is also important, as be a part of ecommerce online business

4. Making the process of purchase shorter

The users often do not want to share their private information with your store unless they are familiar with your website. Moreover, it is very frustrate for users to fill in a long form and they can abandon the shopping cart just because of that monotony.

In these cases, you can be able to gain trust by making them carry out the transaction as a new customer, which will make your result be higher conversion rate.

There are many reasons to say that "guest checkout" is important for the online business as well as the customer. With the reasons have shown above, so how about your ideas? Which is the best important reason? Please leave your comment below.